Tantric Massage London

Basics of Tantric Massage London

Tantric massage London is an aspect of “Tantra”, which means learning first, and then practicing all crucial sexual techniques, tantra medications, and related exercise. The philosophy of this traditional massage is aimed at healing a human’s body from all social, mental, and physical disturbances and transforming his or her life in a positive manner. When Tantric massage arouses one’s spiritual and intuitional emotions within her body and helps one realizes the actual pleasures of physical existence.

It’s true that most of all us feel frustrated from our life on account of three major reasons which are bad relations with loved ones, bitter memories of the past and sexual dissatisfaction. The inner satisfaction is impossible to achieve if you are suffering from acute mental or emotional disturbance or pain. This is where Tantric massage London comes to the scene. Your hidden energies are awaken when you undergo the therapy and what’s you got in the end is an intimate pleasure that can be remembered for the lifetime.

Tantric Massage London

The core of Tantric massage London is that the giver and receiver must be having a pre-existing bond of love prior to indulging in the therapy otherwise you can’t reach your climax to attain your memorable orgasm. You might already have heard of this massage, but you didn’t ask if this activity has anything to do with sex and pleasure. To be honest, this therapy is more than just acquiring infinite sexual pleasure and you feel yourself in a very different heaven.

Here is a basic guide on how to give a tantric massage to your beloved partner

Place and Environment: Before you start with the massage you have to make proper arrangements for it. Choose a spare room where you can get a silent atmosphere with no silence and sounds. Spread a white mattress or pad with freshly laundered sheet on it. Light-up the scented candles, use flowers for more natural look, and place small tealight candles on the one side of the mattress. Rolled-up towels are also required to support the neck and back of the massage recipient. You also need to have a scented flower or fruit flavoured oil or suitable lubricant for the therapy. Choose a good traditional music to play in the backdrop for creating an exotic feel in the air; use either whale or jazz or traditional East Indian music.

A Yoni Tantric Massage

The massage demands your lover to be fully naked and exposed in front of you. You should try to make her throw out all worries of her social life out of his mind and life. This is the real to show how you care about her. Lady’s bits are considered as the sacred temple in the massage so you can call it Yoni. Start now and take her all clothes off. Make her lie down on her back and turn off your room’s light as you already have candles for illuminating the space. Pour oil on your hand and touch her body; start from her upper side of the back and massage gently in a circular direction. Tap her throughout the body with the oil until she is drenched from top to toe.

Make sure cushion is under her hips with her legs open in front of you. This may excite you a little. Just feel a wave of pleasure inside you doing the massage and watch her beg for mercy. Now ask her to turn her body and lie in a straight position with legs apart, give her a rolled towel for supporting the neck.


Dip your fingers in the oil and touch all at once on her Yoni- move fingers in circular, zigzag, and random motions. During these movements, you must dare looking in her eye and build a strong connection with her. She must be seeing what you are doing with her body. Move your fingers slowly and slowly on the outer lips of Yoni to stimulate her emotions. Press the lips using your thumb and rub one finger on both in a clockwise direction. Watch her relax and ask for more tantric massage London. Now put on oil-dipped finger on her clitoris and move it in different directions, squeeze this part a little using your thumb and fingers.

At this point, your lover will be pretty much fired now, but try not to let her get released yet. Let her sensations pour out completely so you can watch her begging for more. If she feels you have done it too much, stop doing it and let her breathe for a minute. Take a short break and start the massage again. Now, take a drop of oil on your middle finger of the right hand, rub it on the hole of Yoni. And insert the finger slowly inside until you find her spongy area in the pubic bone that’s G-spot.


You know what to do here right? Move your finger back and forth inside the Yoni or do experiments like rubbing Yoni from deep inside in circles. Once, your middle finger between index finer and little finger is dumped inside Yoni, use your thumb to rub the clitoris, and use left hand to massage her body. With your palms upwards, one finger inside the Yoni, and thumb circulating the clitoris, you should try to reach her anus inserting one spare finger in the area. Keep stroking her Yoni genteelly until she gets an intense stimulation inside and experience a strong orgasm. She has reached her climax now and is ready to sleep tight for tonight.

A Lingam Tantric Massage:

Lingam is known as wand of light, which needs intense and pure strokes of hands to get relaxation. The giver of the massage must know where love spots of Lingam are to build up more sensation during the activity. Your lover first should lie down in a comfortable and relax position. In the beginning, you need to massage his back with legs opened widespread and knees bent a little on the mattress. Take some oil on your palm and start your magical massage. Give him few sensational strokes on his back, hips, and lower body area. Use your both palms and rub the center of hands on the back areas of his body. Now ask him to expose his lingam to you so you can give him a fresh toss of massage using lubricant and techniques.

At this stage, he should be fully naked and exposed for the therapy. Support the hips with pillows or rolled-up towels and spread the legs. Massage gently all over his body again before you work on his wand of light. Prepare his mind for the sexual pleasure and arouse all hidden feelings.


Take the bottle of oil in your hand and pour oil on his shaft. Use your hand to spread the oil on the testicles and lower areas of the Lingam. Dip your finger in the oil and insert it a little in the anus (perineum). Stimulate the base area taking it in your hand, rub soft fingers on testicles, and shaft, and avoid touching lingam for few minutes. Take shaft in your hand for two seconds and close the palm pressing it. Move it up slowly and steadily. Tantric massage London the shaft for few seconds and slide-it down. Use your left hand and put it in action by gasping the base one again in your hand. Let the lingam rest for some time and be focused on massaging the shaft and base area. Repeat the massage frequently changing the direction of movements. And watch your movements for the accuracy.

Your lover should be feeling very horny right now and it’s possible to watch him sighs when you grasp the shaft in your hand. It’s time to take the head of the lingam in your hand. It requires your meticulous attention being so soft. Take extra oil from the bottle pouring it directly on the head of the genital and now it’s your time to rub the area. Use your thumb first and move it in the circular motion. Do it for three seconds changing the movement in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Massage it using your all energies yet your hands should be slow on the top of the lingam. The area will eventually go soft during the tantric massage London. Don’t worry about it and stick to the campaign- place your two fingers on the lingam, touch the hole a little, and start moving both fingers again.


If you think you need more lubricants in the palm for the massage, take more from the bottle and apply it on the lingam. Now take his genital in your hand and rub it up and down repeatedly. Do it with patience and increase the pressure slowly. He may feel little uncomfortable at first, but will enjoy it a lot. Take the control of his lingam and place your hand on the sacred spot.  That you can find easily if you search between testicles and anus. The spot is a about a size of the pea, you should put one finger on it and move it softly in the beginning. Use more pressure making movements more deep while you are touching his indentation.

He might be approaching his orgasm by them. If he screams with pleasure you need to apply more pressure on his spot whilst your one hand should be rubbing the head of his lingam. Dual stimulation will increase the intensity of orgasm enabling him to feel more relax at the end.

Tantric Massage London – the perfect choice

Tantra brings us align ourselves from within on a higher frequency. We know there is more than the eyes can see or the ears can hear. As we know we are created by atoms, we cannot see the atoms or the energy that binds them together. Our eyes are limited by viewing between infrared and ultraviolet light but we know there are prisms of light bouncing all around us. Our ears can hear a tiny decibel of range they cannot hear the noise of a dog whistle and many noises animals can hear.

So there are other forms of life, other frequencies, energies and evolved consciousness form. We just need to open ourselves up to accessing these and evolve from our physical plain.

A highly developed intense pleasure sensation. A tantra lising massage experience that will leave no stone unturned. From your head to your toes, a pleasant massage experience, incorporating body to body to grt you closer to smooth pleasure.

Our place

Tantric Massage in London has over a decade of experience in the research and practicing of Tantra. Tantric massage London the sacred sexual arts and sensual healing, the merging and entwining of modern day knowledge with ancient eastern wisdom. Tantra is a beautifully sacred ancient art form that unites sexuality with spirituality through a divine transformation. That unfolds within a deeply loving Tantric union. A tantric massage in London weaves together all the missing pieces of our life, the spiritual puzzle of our existence. It’s honouring existence, and acknowledging our true nature in a sacred and loving way.

It is said that if you are sexually happy and relaxed you will be happy with everything in your life. The therapy itself does not cause any orgasms. But it’s the magical movement of hands and fingers that make you get sexually pleasure. The therapy has nothing to do with penetrative sex. Instead it stimulates your emotions by the way of touching your genitals, body, points, and organs. This is the very reason that this massage isn’t being offered in any commercial office space or spa. You can engross in the therapy with your lover only.

A journey into Tantra through a tantric session opens channels of awareness. We are accustomed to using our five senses and relying on these as a boundary for reality.Book your appointment with one of our goddesses today!